Opening to the Senses. A weekend with Ed Brown

Friday, 1. June 2018 (19:00 -21:00)
Saturday, 2. June 2018 (13:00 -17:00)
Sunday, 3. June 2018 (13:00 -17:00)
Kontaktperson : Alexander Hajicek
Public talk on Friday night, and two workshops on Taste and Touch which can be attended together or separately.


Friday night talk 19:00:   Opening to the Senses

At times in spiritual practice students are advised to “guard the senses,” but what is really more pivotal is to “open to the senses,” and guard the mind so that it does not objectify the experience as something to be “grasped,” “avoided,” or “disregarded.”  When you “let things come home to your heart,” closely experiencing the senses, you discover joy, fulfillment, and wisdom. Your felt-sense is activated. “Your treasure store opens, and you spend freely.”

Workshop on Saturday 13:00-17:00    Mindful Taste - Revelation

In this workshop we will practice “tasting what you put in your mouth,” that is, tasting with receptivity, curiosity, and interest, moment after moment.  Tasting in this way you will be finding out how to live from inside rather than trying to follow recipes.   With this careful experiencing you will be learning to “follow your nose.”  You will discover that your experience opens up offering unexpected revelations.  We will taste a few individual ingredients, and then have some structured tastings, adding one ingredient at a time, and tasting after each. We might even conduct the auspicious rarely-held Ceremony of Eating Just One Potato Chip.

Workshop on Sunday 13:00 - 17:00   Mindful Touch - Awesome

 We will learn to touch with mindfulness—receiving sensation rather than dispensing directives; sensing rather than judging—as a basis to connect with what is. (And what is is far more beautiful and multifaceted than we can conceive.)  In the course of this we will discover experientially how helping, fixing, diagnosing, correcting (though at times useful and important) all get in the way of true connection through touch.  By the end of class we will experience big mind or boundless non-duality from the connection between two people.

This course utilizes conscious touch: Participants remain fully dressed and are invited to voice any concerns about inappropriate touching or touch that is disconcerting.

No partner necessary in order to attend.  

The program will be taught in English. Translation into German possible on request.


€20 for public talk on Friday( no registration necessary if you are just coming to the talk.)

€60 for Saturday - 4 hours  Click here to register for Saturday only:

€60 for Sunday - 4 hours  Click here to register for Sunday only:

€140 for all events ( €120 early bird for payment before 25.5.)

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