A weekend with Edward Espe Brown

Datum: Friday, 9. June 2017 (19:00 -21:00) Saturday, 10. June 2017 (13:00 -17:00) Sunday, 11. June 2017 (13:00 -17:00)
Kontaktperson : Joanna Francis
Public talk to

Friday night talk: Reflections on a Zen life in the Twenty-first Century

Workshop on Saturday: Mindful Touch
Practicing touch we will experience big mind or boundless non-duality from the connection between two people. We will learn to touch with mindfulness—receiving sensation rather than dispensing directives—and to connect with what is.

Workshop on Sunday: Meditation & hand writing
This class is the zazen of handwriting.  A few minutes a day of handwriting practice incorporating specific changes can redo your mental circuitry.  By changing the way we write, we can let the enlightenment, which is implicit in our life, unfold.  If you work on your handwriting—by making new connections between your consciousness and your hand-- you will not be able to stick to your stuck ways of doing things.

The program will be taught in english. Translation into german possible.

Das Programm findet in englischer Sprache statt und wird bei Bedarf ins Deutsche übersetzt.


€20 for public talk ( no registration necessary if you are just coming to the talk.)

€60 for Saturday - 4 hours  Click here to register for Saturday only:


€60 for Sunday - 4 hours  Click here to register for Sunday only:


€140 for all events ( €120 early bird for payment before 15.5.)
Information: Sabine Putze - [email protected]